The Real Problem with Obamacare Repeal [VIDEO]

In order for Republicans to enact Obamacare repeal, politicians need to take a benefit away.

Obamacare repeal didn’t happen. There’s a great deal of noise in the media about who is to blame and how big a deal it is.

Here’s typical spin from the Associated Press:

President Donald Trump is hoping to drive his priorities forward following the crumbling of the Republican health care bill but GOP finger-pointing is rampant, underscoring how tough it will be to produce the unity the party will need.

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, criticized the contrarian House Freedom Caucus on Monday, a day after resigning from the hard-right group because it helped sink the Republican health care effort.

“You can have your principles and then when it comes to voting, you have to compromise to get something passed,” Poe said of the caucus, which has roughly three dozen members.

“It will continue to…



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