The Purpose Of Immigration Policy: For The Benefit Of The Country; Not The Immigrant

The purpose of Immigration Policy: for the benefit of the country; not the immigrant. We have allowed the discussion on immigration to be hijacked.

The main discussion that currently takes place on illegal immigration is morally – do we have the authority to  “root up families, drag them from their homes, and kick them out?” Illegal Immigration is not a moral discussion. It is one of national security. If Republican and Conservatives continue to hedge their bets in the moral realm, this debate will continue to be ugly at best. Instead, we need only look to history and past voices to demonstrate the seriousness of this issue. We cannot allow the Democrat party, of all entities, to claim the moral high ground.

The Purpose Of Immigration Policy

I am always impressed with the magnitude of theory and thought of our predecessors. They do not receive enough credit in our education…



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