The One Important Question We Are Not Getting Answered By CNN From Their Wikileaks Story

In this article, CNN’s sources gave completely misleading information about the story that Wikileaks was providing Donald Trump with information before it was released to the public. The story was pretty much accurate in all aspects except the date of the release of the data. That was all they had to falsify to spin it that Trump was in collusion with the Russian. For hours it became the smoking gun that the mainstream media wanted it to be. Who was that source? Why won’t CNN release the identity?

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

John dug into several aspects of this story yesterday, but more questions remain. The issue at hand is one we’ve been covering since Friday and it involves that CNN report claiming that candidate Trump was given special access to some Wikileaks information before everyone else. The key failure in the report was that the actual email was sent after



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