The Obama Unmaskers: Why Trump Doesn’t Just Expose Them?

Andrew McCarthy asked a good question last Thursday: why hasn’t Trump publicized results of the investigation of the unmasking of his campaign/ transition teams by Obama officials? As McCarthy points out that Trump has the ultimate authority to do just that:

I’ve watched the story closely but I haven’t written about it for a while because I can’t get past a nagging question: Why must we speculate about whether the Obama administration abusively exploited its foreign-intelligence-collection powers in order to spy on Donald Trump’s political campaign? After all, Trump is president now. If he was victimized, he’s in a position to tell us all about it.

The president is in charge of the executive branch, including its intelligence agencies. He has the authority to decide what intelligence information, and intelligence abuses, can be declassified and made public.

Because Trump hasn’t done this, when surely he would be motivated to, McCarthy



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