The NY Radio Stars Who Blamed 9/11 On The Jews (And Went Unpunished)

As vivid as my memory of 9/11/01 is the memory of the hatred expressed by two sports radio hosts known as Mike and the Mad Dog, the very next day, hatred the two continue to deny and that WFAN, their radio station covered up.

After driving into Manhattan on the day after the attack (Wednesday) we told everyone who showed up at the office to take the rest of the week off. America was in shock, New Yorkers were in shock, and my team was certainly in shock. Let’s face it with there was no way anyone could concentrate on something as trivial such as a children’s magazine (at the time I was the publisher of Nickelodeon Magazine) after such a tragedy.

That 9/12 drive home is scorched into my memory as much as the 9/11 drive described yesterday.  Not because of the still-opaque black curtain still obscuring the view of downtown Manhattan, or the sandpaper-like air that



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