The Nuclear Powered Science Yacht

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What if your next cruise ship vacation… could save the world? And when we say save the world, we ACTUALLY mean it! As in literally! That’s precisely the idea behind the upcoming Superyacht, Earth 300. It’s big, it’s bold– it’s where science and luxury meet. Powered by atomic energy, courtesy of it’s onboard molten-salt reactor, this incredible vessel is not only environmentally safe, it is intended to inspire an interest in climate change, while doing real world experiments at sea. Science experiments that will have real world value– and will be shared via an open source system, so that anyone and everyone who is interested in the findings will be able to access all of the wonderful new information, free of charge. You heard that right folks, completely free of charge. So! Who’s funding this nerd’s playground? Who is the man who seems to also have a heart of gold, wanting nothing more than to do science experiments, and help out our planet… and mankind as a whole? His name is Aaron Olivera. And with his vision, there very well may be some hope for science to actually get funding. See, that’s where the luxury side of this super yacht comes in– a 10 day voyage will cost $3 million dollars. That’s right, three million dollars for a 10 day trip. Who’d a thought sipping champagne while travelling the 7 seas could actually… save the world? But with the Earth 300… it can! Just… you had better be ready to pay for it, my friend!

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Written by: Chris Montrose
Narrated by: Chris Montrose
Edited by: Kristian Blaze

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00:00 Intro
00:47 How much will it cost to build?
01:45 It’s mission statement
02:29 The specs!
04:01 When will we see it?
04:39 It also doubles… as a luxury liner
05:59 Where the profits will go
07:18 Emission free vehicles!”

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