The NFL’s BIG MISTAKE – New Study Shows Even Liberals Love the Flag

The “Flag” controversy has hurt the NFL brand. There is no disputing that when the week after week the viewing numbers are down and big time down.

American’s have shown to have visceral reaction to watching football players kneel during our nations anthem.

Lifelong fans have been burning jerseys and turning off the TV in record numbers. The word “Boycott” has never been more associated with the NFL than 2017.

It has been assumed that these fans who are so outraged they are burning their gear are all “Right Wing Trump” supporters. A new research poll shows that may not be the case.

Yes, right leaning people are outraged about the anthem protests. Most feel that though it is the players right to protest, doing it aimed at our symbol of freedom is not good.

The poll conducted by Remington Research Group provides some information that should terrify the



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