The New York Times Demands FISA Court Give Them The Info The Memo Was Based On

Without a doubt, the material that Nunes memo is based on should be released. It seems pretty viral at this stage and the heated political climate we now face. It will vindicate everything that has been up in the air and perhaps, too, the doubt that some of the more feeble-minded lefties continue to push on us.

There are those who cannot see the forest for the trees… let’s show them exactly what we’re made of!

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

Yes, please, give it to them. This has been the obvious, necessary move since #ReleaseTheMemo first got traction online. Between the Nunes memo and Adam Schiff’s forthcoming response, we’re not going to know anything for sure until we see the material the feds submitted to the court.

Redact as necessary. Just end the gaslighting from both sides.

The motion is unusual. No such wiretapping application materials apparently



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