The Mid-2017 State of Online Gambling in the US

One of the most expressive terms we could use to describe the state of the online gambling industry worldwide is “controversial”. Online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, and bingo halls are all legal and regulated in some countries, partially legalized in others, in a legal gray zone in some, and in the US… well, depends on what you consider online gambling.

If we take the widest definition of online gambling, there are 44 states in which some form of it is legal – online lottery ticket sales, simulated gaming, and daily fantasy sports all fit this broad description. If we look at gambling regulations according to the strictest definition of online gambling – covering poker, casino games, bingo, and sports bets – there are only three states that have such regulation, with only one that has a working online casino market – New Jersey. This has been the case for several…



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