The Memo

Memos and Things That Go Bump in the Night. Again we have another episode of Washington Follies guaranteed to perplex, entertain, and otherwise prove to the unwashed masses that our leadership has gone completely off the rails, and is barreling helter skelter across a cotton field. I’ve read two opinions today about the now famous memo. One on Fox (end of the FBI as we know it,) and, of course CNN (don’t mean crap, let’s move along!)

Now bear in mind, this is a MEMO! It’s not an executive order. It’s not a law, passing through the houses of Congress. It’s not even an order to Wong’s Kitchen for an order of Won Ton soup! It’s a freaking MEMO! A memo composed by a bunch of idiots in some think tank expressing their opinion. Kinda like what I do. You’d think the “govment” would be a tad more on



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