The Left’s “Mask-Turbating” & the Omicron Variant | @Chad Prather

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Chad Prather goes off: “In case you hadn’t heard, the Omicron variant has arrived! Well, I mean, it hasn’t arrived here. Not yet – but it’s only a matter of time! Now, I know that it’s going to be hard to hear the rest of what I’m saying because of all the weeping and lamenting you’re already doing. The new Omicron variant seems to generate what the doctor who discovered it labels “very, very mild symptoms.” No! Is it suspicious that the people in charge of classifying these things are so politically attuned to the buttering of their own bread that they called it “Omicron,” skipping over the Greek alphabet letters “Nu” and “Xi” … you know, because we don’t want to piss off Chairman Pooh? Of course not!” WATCH more Chad Prather:

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