The Latest Absurd Liberal Academic Claim That Something Is Racist

Just in case you haven’t been staying abreast of everything that’s racist these days, I thought I’d step in and give you a head’s up. Sure, you know that supporting Donald Trump is racist, and being from the South is racist, and going to church is racist, and supporting the police is racist, and supporting the military is racist, and being Republican is racist, and obeying the law is racist, and getting good grades is racist, and working hard is racist, and of course, being white is racist… but did you know that Farmers Markets were also racist?

I bet you never even considered it.

Farmers Markets were an invention of progressive communities as they tried to purge bad, genetically modified foods from their communities. Now, just because liberals invented the modern version of the farmer’s market doesn’t make it inherently bad, and many communities have since picked



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