The Larger Meaning Of Obama Letting Hezbollah Off The Hook

A very great deal will be written in the coming days about Josh Meyer’s Politico piece about former President Obama letting Hezbollah off the hook.  It’s an article that deserves consideration and extensive analysis.  Although there was much that we already knew before it was published, its central point – that the Obama administration actively blocked law enforcement efforts to take down Hezbollah networks – has not previously been made by insiders, with that focus and level of explicit clarity.

Meyer has talked to the DEA agents who painstakingly spent years making the case to go after high-level Hezbollah criminal operatives, only to find their appeals for Justice Department action turned down.  Eventually, over the eight years of the Obama administration, their own operations were starved off and shut down as well.

Yet what they had on the Hezbollah networks around the world shows how dangerous the terror syndicate is. 



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