The “Inconvenient Truth” About Hillary’s Dealings With Russia: Why Hasn’t The DOJ Launched an Investigation?

Both Liberal and some supposedly conservative pundits have been postulating all sorts of negative, inflammatory rhetoric about Trump cozying-up to Vladimir Putin. Example: “Donald Trump Is Accomplishing Russia’s Goals While Screaming “America First“ ~Ahmed Baba

A recent comment on pro-Trump Social network, PatrioticSpace by a member stated, “Do you remember the days when Fox News would spew lie after lie about President Obama’s lack of patriotism? Me too. Well, we now have a President who belittles the U.S. Intelligence Community and praises Russian Authoritarian Vladimir Putin every chance he gets, while literally body slamming news organizations on Twitter.” The commenter also added, “Why is a party that preaches patriotism acting against America’s interests? It’s time to call the GOP propaganda machine’s recent attacks on the DOJ, FBI, Robert Mueller, and the U.S. Intelligence Community what they really are: Unpatriotic, coordinated attacks on the rule of law.”

Personally I think his opinion



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