The hate Trump coalition is a hate America cabal

The sudden and generally unexpected defeat of Bill Clinton’s wife, dealt a staggering blow to the far left, and spawned a fringe-element coalition of anti-American extremists unrivaled in U.S. politics. Academia, Hollywood, and the New Socialist Democratic Party, united with the entire mainstream media to wage a vengeful, loathing campaign against anyone or anything American.

President Trump absorbs the brunt of the attacks.  However, the very mention of the Constitution, liberty, American culture, Christians, or law and order, brings unrelenting attacks on traditional Americans by the lowest form of political animals – racists, hate-filled lowlifes, and liberal bullies.  Primarily these American haters are Democrats overwhelmed with uncontrollable rage by Donald Trump’s stunning victory.

The New Democrat Party is not our father or grandfather’s party. It was hijacked by the most corrupt and despicable groups of communists, Marxists and Marxists.

Nine years ago, Americans were so eager to elect the



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