The Governor of New York Gets Busted By POLITICO!

Everybody knows that politicians prevaricate and the Governor of New York is no exception. It has been a while since the good governor has had a press conference so he decided that he would do it via conference call. That is where the governor, Andrew Cuomo, decided to get cute. Instead, he got caught. Here is the delightful story.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

The last time New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held an in-person press conference with the Empire State press was in June. That’s a fairly long stretch for the governor of America’s fourth largest state and an aspiring 2020 presidential contender to stay under the radar. But this week it was clearly going to change. Cuomo has been on a tirade against the tax “reform” bill currently going through reconciliation and he wants his voice heard in the national debate.

So let’s have a press conference, right? Well… not



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