The Friends of Zion Award is a big deal for President Trump [Video]

[VIDEO] President Donald Trump will be receiving the Friend of Zion award from the President of Israel. It is in recognition of what President Trump has done for Israel. 

This is also highly praised by Christians who believe that Israel is not only deserving of our support but that God will approve as well. Israel is considered by Christians to be the chosen people of God and always be protected by him as a people. 

President Donald Trump has now recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. That is a fact long known by most Christians. It is a big deal in Israel and only reflects reality.

As Written and Reported By CBN News:

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has often called himself a “friend of Israel.”  Now, he is being recognized for that stance.

The Friends of Zion Museum presented President Trump with its Friends of Zion Award at the White House



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