The First Lid Radio Show of October W/Special Guest Ken McClenton

It’s been a tough few weeks for America, but throughout all of the tragedy of hurricanes and man-made terror what we have learned is through out all the American spirit is really amazing.  Not only have we seen the heroics of the first responders, but of the average American with no training whose first reaction is to save others. It is with that in mind, my good friend Ken McClenton and I will discuss the latest news on today’s Lid Radio Show.

Despite the fact that this congressional session will address some crucial issues including, tax reform, the debt ceiling, allocating funds for Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren to secure a new headdress, and of course searching for Mad Maxine Waters’ lost brain, Democrats a politicizing the Las Vegas tragedy with a rushed call for gun control and politicizing the tragedy of Huricane Maria and Puerto Rico with claims that the POTUS



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