The FBI Warned Deputy Director Andrew McCabe About Conflicts of Interest

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had been warned by the FBI about a possible conflict of interest due to his wife’s run for political office in Virginia. His wife received $700,000 in support from the Governor of Virginia who is a deep pocket friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton. McCabe did seek guidance from the FBI but that still does not present an ethical appearance based on other revelations that we have had. Congress is now in the mix and intended to delve into this developing story.

As Written and Reported By Max Kutner for Newsweek:

Updated | The FBI once warned Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that his Democrat wife’s 2015 political campaign could create conflicts of interest for him, but he then acted to avoid such conflicts, according to documents the Bureau released online Friday amid criticism that its probe of Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server was tainted by partisanship.

Republicans, including President Donald



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