The Extremist Liberal Hate Group In Charlottesville: ANTIFA

One of the groups on the counter-protest side in Charlottesville Saturday was the liberal hate group ANTIFA (short for anti-Fascists). According to this group, anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi.

This liberal extremist group was certainly not the majority of protesters on Saturday, nor were they even a sizable minority, and their presence in no way excuses the violence from Neo-Nazis, KKK, or the animal that ran down people with his car. But it is certain that they contributed to the violence. But it’s important to note that the supposed anti-fascist movement is just as much of an evil group of extremists as the white supremacist groups.

For example, the poster they created for Charlottesville ranted against White Racists and their “Heeb” masters preventing a workers paradise (H/T Bikers for America)

The day after Charlottesville, the extremist group was in Seattle–attacking the police for keeping them



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