The Exterminators


Some of us have something in us that makes injustice and cruelty intolerable. In such people, the sight or knowledge of such acts as animal cruelty, slavery, child, or elder abuse, the oppression of those weaker than their oppressors evokes rage. Much of the time, laws exist which protect the oppressors from the retribution we would bring down on them, forcing us to choose between just action and prison; forcing our rage to smolder indefinitely, eating away at our inner peace, and causing us to question the motives, or even existence of a just God.


Seeing the images on fundraising efforts made by the ASPCA, or UNICEF can be gut wrenching, and debilitating to the soul, and such images arise out of the misuse of property. Of course there is a legitimate debate when it comes to control over property. An ancient and universal principle of social



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