The Evolution of American Politics

The Evolution of American Politics is unequaled in the annals of history. Rome fell due to depravity, but to be honest they were depraved right from the start. From the collesium to the little boys at the bath houses, the Romans repulsed the entire known world, all but the Greeks. If you can remember the name of any Greek philosopher chances are he was queer.

America began as a great experiment. All men are created equal. That’s all MEN, not women, blacks or jackasses, although in short order they were running for Office, and still are today. By and by everyone was included and were created equal. Now, if you’re pro life like me you accept that conception is the point of creation, but at birth we all take our slot as a cracker, WOP, spic, limey, Nigger, Mick and so on, but the laws are supposed to fix



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