The East and West Slavs and American Political Intrigue”

Ancient Tribes, Peoples, and Nations

By Jeffrey E. Elliott, Esq.

Is it really in American Foreign Policy interests to take sides over ancient Keivan-Moscow conflicts?

Early in the history of the American Republic opposing political parties had divergent world views, differing opinions, opposing policies, countering foreign influences, and opposite political sides to foreign policy issues.
In the beginnings of the nascent American Republic this was expected, common and ordinary. Rigorous, lively and partisan national debates arose over the intricacies of American foreign policy.

Alexander Hamilton

Although the French had aided the American revolutionaries, Hamilton and the Federalist Party advocated “neutrality” (many scholars believe Hamilton favored the British), while Jefferson and the Democratic- Republican Party advocated a military alliance with the French during the French/English war initiated in 1793.
The conservative English Constitutional Monarchy was locked in bitter and heated competition with liberal Revolutionary France over dominance of Western…



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