The ‘Duke Boys’ are in Trouble and Uncle Jesse Can’t Help

Just a good ol’ boys, never meanin’ no harm…beasts all you ever saw been in trouble with law since the day they was born!

John Schneider may be facing jail time if he doesn’t pay up and Boss Hogg seems to be hot on his tail!

The “Dukes of Hazzard” star’s former wife, Elvira Castle, has taken the actor who played Bo Duke, (And Superman’s father btw. Maybe Clark can help!) to court over unpaid spousal support.

Schneider allegedly owes his ex $185,000 and she filed documents to ask for the maximum punishment of nearly three months in jail.

The maximum punishment was requested: 120 hours in jail per charge for a total of 85 days behind bars, or community service for the same amount of time in addition to a $17,000 fine.

Schneider reportedly argued in court that he has “been willing, but unable” to pay the $18,911



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