The Dems Believe They CAN Fool All The People All The Time

Democrats have been working for years to keep alive the false narrative that Republicans “have no plan to replace Obamacare,” and the latest op-ed from Senator Brian Schatz  (D-HI) at USA Today is no different.

(The Republicans’ problem isn’t lack of ideas; it’s lack of will – in spite of the manifest passion of their voters for repealing the 2010 law.)

But Schatz’s opinion piece from Wednesday does have the virtue of summarizing a few actual proposals from Democrats to tweak Obamacare.

And the proposal of Senator Schatz himself is in a class all its own.  Schatz’s ingenious plan is to offer to “let” anybody who wants to, buy Medicaid coverage for him or herself.

Schatz touts the benefits (footnote inserted by me):

Why Medicaid? Frankly, this program — already serving 69 million people — is underrated. It has a large provider network and the same positive ratings as private insurance but at a much lower cost to the government.* Based on



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