The ‘Bleach Bit’ Computer Guy Lied to the FBI and Was Not Charged?

Obviously, the “Bleach Bit’ computer guy did not know that it was wrong to lie to the FBI. Or maybe he did not mean to do it. Or maybe had no intention of doing harm when he did it. He was Hillary Clinton’s computer guy so if she could get away with it that sort of excuse, then surely he should be allowed to skate. And he did. He was not charged with lying to the FBI. Oh! Wait! What happened to Paul Manafort? He lied and was charged? Read this.

As Written and Reported By John Sexton for Hot Air:

The Hill published a story today based on leaks from a recent House Judiciary Committee meeting where FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe discussed elements of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Republicans on the committee say McCabe outlined some irregularities that suggest the outcome of the investigation was rigged in



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