The Big MYTHS About Feral Hogs

There are some whopping big myths about feral hogs and we need to clear them up.

Feral hogs are NOT an invasive species in North America. All pigs, domestic and feral, have the same DNA. As a matter of fact, swine were present here millions of years before Columbus found the Americas. Native hogs have been providing nutritious protein for humans all over the world throughout history. Hunting wild boar was well-known to our ancient ancestors. It was an easy step to begin raising hogs when humans began devoting themselves to agriculture.

Did you know that any domestic pig that escapes from confinement will quickly become feral? They soon begin developing traits that help them exist in the wild. They become hairy, grow tusks, and become more aggressive. They adapt and scavenge like other feral hogs. And they can become very large. In short, there is no difference between domestic



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