The 1 deadly weapon Trump uses to conquer his enemies

President Donald Trump conquered both political parties, the mainstream media and near unanimous opposition from the political establishment with one powerful weapon – his skill at branding.

You still remember the nicknames from the campaign:

“Low Energy Jeb” “Lyin’ Ted” “Crooked Hillary”

Now, a new documentary, “Trump: The Art of the Insult,” outlines how the president pulled it off. The film features over 90 minutes of President Trump’s most memorable takedowns, repartees and jaw-dropping insults.

And filmmaker Joel Gilbert says President Trump has still got it when it comes to leaving his enemies flat-footed.

“President Trump has not lost a beat in terms of his marketing skills and branding of opponents,” he told WND in an exclusive interview. “We’ve recently heard ‘Rocket Man’ for Korea’s leader, ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer,’ ‘Sneaky Dianne Feinstein’ and ‘Sloppy Steve Bannon.’ President Trump’s branding techniques are just as effective now as they were



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