Thanksgiving Therapy

Thankfulness is a stepping stone to a better life.
I’m glad we have a Thanksgiving holiday.
Without it, many people would never even think about being thankful.
Thanklessness is a terrible thing.  I believe it is one of the leading causes of depression today.

If we were to take all the people who are on antidepressants and spend thousands of dollars on “therapists” and made them review, every day, a long list of everything they have to be thankful for, I believe many of them would soon dump the pills and the shrinks for a happier new way of life.

Every morning, I take my “therapy” walk. I walk and I talk, to God.
It always starts out the same way, “thank you Lord”, and then I go down my mental list of things to be grateful for. Often something comes to mind that surprises me. Something I had not noticed before.
Once I



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