Texas Congresswoman whines racism after stealing teacher’s seat on plane

Representatives are elected to serve for the people… but Texas’ Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee sees herself as a queen to her ‘servants’.

That’s not hyperbole. Those are literally Jackson Lee’s own words — and this Democrats abuse of power extends to special treatment from her staff, airlines, and private companies.

In fact, Jackson Lee’s office has the highest employee turnover rate in Washington… a fact that does not come as a surprise to anyone.

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If anyone dares call out her obnoxious behavior, though, Jackson Lee has an old stand-by: The race card.

Jackson Lee’s most recent scandal occurred on a United Airlines flight this week.

A schoolteacher named Jean-Marie Simon claims she booked herself a first class seat on a United Airlines flight… but when she went to board, she was told that she was being bumped down to the



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