Texan Defends 2nd Amendment, But His Pro-Gun Shirt Steals the Show

Our founding fathers put the 2nd Amendment in place for a reason. As with Sandy Hook, and the NYC attack, after the shooting this week at a church in Texas, Democrats came out shouting and demanding more gun control! We all know guns don’t kill people. Evil people kill people. But just like with the shooting on the baseball field and Rep. Scalise, thankfully there were good guys with guns who saved others from getting shot. Thankfully we have what’s called the 2nd Amendment!

The fact that the killer was only able to buy a gun because of a clerical error on the Air Force’s part, or the fact that he was stopped by another man with a gun, didn’t seem to matter a whit to those who were covering the event.

No surprise there, right? I mean it’s not like the MSM or liberals believe that we should have



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