Tesla Now Building Third Gen Superchargers In China After Calling Americans ‘Entitled’, ‘Complacent’

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In what appears to us to be a continuing push to eventually become a Chinese company, Tesla will soon be producing its third generation electric Superchargers in China, in addition to vehicles it already manufactures there.

The company said it’ll start producing the chargers in 2021, according to Reuters. It plans on investing $6.4 million in a new factory to help make its third generation of chargers, called the Supercharger V3.

It’s no surprise Musk is eager to expand in China, having called the country “smart” and “hard working” back in August of this year. The Tesla CEO – who has made himself billions off the back of U.S. government subsidies and the U.S. taxpayer – took to the “Daily Drive” podcast over the summer to make it clear exactly what country his allegiances lie with.

On the podcast, reported by CNBC, he called the people of China “smart” and “hard working” while at the same time calling U.S. citizens “entitled” and “complacent”. He specifically called out both New York and California, states whose taxpayers have literally funded Tesla’s business with massive tax breaks amounting to billions. –

Learn More: https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/tesla-now-building-third-gen-superchargers-china

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