Teenage Girl Live-Streams Her Friend’s Rape

Marina Lonina, 19, used her phone to live stream the rape of her 17-year-old “friend” by Raymond Gates, 29, on a social media outlet called Periscope.

The trio met at a local mall, however they moved another location, which is where the rape happened.

Gates pleaded guilty and will spend nine years in prison. Although he deserves to be in prison much longer than that.

While Lonina says she was documenting the rape to turn over information to the police, she failed to do so. The victim says that she believes her so-called friend planned the rape with Gates ahead of time.

Lonina intentionally faced charges of rape and pandering sexual matter involving a minor, she made a deal with the court and pleased guilty to one count of obstructing justice.

I think one of the biggest questions we have here, is to why Lonina used her phone…



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