Teen Vogue Writer Tells Billy Graham To ‘Have Fun In Hell’

The woman, whose feminist crusade has been openly praised by Hillary Clinton, refuses to back down from her nasty tweets about Billy Graham who passed away peacefully this week.

Lauren Duca, 27, is a columnist for Teen Vogue and is the reason you should talk to your daughters about online media. She graduated college in 2013 and doesn’t appear to have ever had a job outside of online writing.

You can read our obituary of Billy Graham here.

Lauren Duca Insults Billy Graham…

So, as the left does, Duca used the death to remind us that we need to pay attention to her, too. She wrote and posted this nasty tweet saying that Graham, who proselytized and was integral to the conversion and continued faith of millions, is in Hell:

“Respecting the dead” only applies to people who weren’t evil pieces of shit while they were living, thanks.



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