Ted Cruz: It Was Obama’s Policies That Enabled TX Shooter Kelley

When we have bureaucratic problems that allow individuals to buy weapons despite their past criminal convictions and individuals to lie on their background check forms, we’ve got problems. And as in Texas, those individuals, like Texas murderer, Devin Kelly should be prosecuted when that happens. Unfortunately, we also had a previous president that refused to prosecute these same felons who lied, but liberals will still tell you that the narrative is NOT about that – but that we need more gun control laws!

Sen. Ted Cruz blasted the Obama administration for not prosecuting felons and criminals who lied on gun purchase forms, suggesting that it was the former president’s policies that enabled Texas murderer Devin Kelley to purchase a firearm.

In an interview on Fox News, the Texas senator explained how he and Sen. Chuck Grassley introduced legislation in 2013 that would have authorized the Air Force update to



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