Technology monitors students on social media to ID next shooter

Social media is coming into focus for experts who are trying to prevent school violence, according to a new report.

Gizmodo reports that schools now are turning to those Facebook and other media posts “for the earliest signs of violence – depression, resentment, and isolation.”

Gary Margolis of Social Sentinel, a data analytics company, told a National Public Radio affiliate that his company has created a library of 450,000 indicators of potential trouble.

One school that has turned to his expertise is Shawsheen Valley Technical High School in Massachusetts, because the technology is apparently able to use the type of threat detection police agencies already use to identify students at risk.

“We went back, for example, and looked at the language that school shooters, as one example, have used in the past in various manifestos — what’s been published or that they’ve shared on social media,” Margolis told the



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