Teacher Suspended for Disrespecting US Flag at School Rally! Escorted Off Campus!

High school teacher, Windy Pappas, was escorted off campus after she decided to kneel like a NFL football player while the national anthem was played during a school assembly.

But that’s not all…

Pappas also held up two signs; One having the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the other saying ‘It’s OK to disagree with every sign here!!!’. She pulled this antic during the school’s homecoming week rally.

The rally proceeded without incident, but administrators later came to her classroom and escorted her out to the school parking lot.

She was on paid leave after she was booted from the campus, but returned to work on Tuesday.

Pappas declined to comment Monday, citing a pending investigation.

Woodland Joint Unified School District spokeswoman Callie Lutz confirmed that the high school emailed and left a recorded message for students’ families on Sunday, but said the district would not comment on Pappas’ employment



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