‘Teacher of the Year’ in Florida Posts Reaction to Shooting and it Explodes on Social Media

Last month, Kelly Guthrie Raley, was named “Teacher of the Year” in Florida – and now, she’s posted a personal message on Facebook, regarding the mass shooting and it’s gone viral… why? Well, maybe because the message was that parents need to “step up” when it comes to their kids’ behavior.

Wow – what a novel concept! And we couldn’t agree more – where were the parents of this poor, sociopath of a kid? Father, mother, step parents? Grandparents maybe? Bueller? Bueller?

I’ll take the same guess I always take and it’s this: No dad, thanks to the fact that who needs a dad when you have government and single moms who can do everything; a laundry list of psychotropic drugs thanks to our culture of pills which solve every kid’s problem; and certainly the government agencies in charge of protecting us failing at every level.

Check, check, mate.

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