Tea Party also participated in Pro Trump rally

The complete story regarding the public’s show of support for President Trump on February 27th has not been told.

While the Republican Party did sponsor a Spirit of America “Pro Trump” rally that drew about 200 supporters, it appears that Committee Chairman William Korach limited his perspective to the activities within his view and control.

He suggests the explanation for the “Indivisible” organization’s failure to engage the Trump supporters be credited to the large number of Republicans who gathered at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument and their loud public address system.

I disagree. The Indivisible protesters had already been deflated by the Saint Augustine Tea Party before they ever reached the fort green. As Pro Trump supporters assembled at the Castillo and Indivisible protesters assembled on the east end of the Bridge, the feisty St Augustine Tea Party decided to deploy their own “battleship” of support for President…



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