Syrian doctor closest to attack: ‘90 percent chance this was sarin’

A doctor who operates the clinic closest to the site of a chemical weapon attack in Syria told Yahoo News he personally treated “delirious” victims who were “foaming at the mouth,” gasping for air and suffering muscle spasms, symptoms he said are consistent with sarin nerve gas poisoning.

The doctor, Dr. Mohammed Mansour, sent Yahoo News a video from his clinic showing rows of young children lined up under blankets, their faces and eyes frozen, apparently unable to speak or move.

“Based on my medical expertise, there is a 90 percent chance this was sarin gas used against these civilians,” said Dr. Mohammed Mansour in a Skype interview from Idlib province, where he runs a clinic that he said is a 15-minute drive from where the attack occurred. “We had over 25 people brought to our clinic who died instantaneously. Many of the others were delirious and unable to…



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