Swiss hotelier travels 5,000 miles to apologize

Companies sometimes make mistakes: Hotels forget to put enough towels in the room, restaurants bring the wrong dish, bar codes get mixed up and a retailer charges the wrong price.

Usually it’s not a big deal. A delivery of the missing products or services, a price adjustment and off we go.

But when a mistake recently was made at a hotel in Switzerland, the manager ended up traveling nearly 5,000 miles to apologize to the customer and deliver a refund.

“It is customary in China to admit your faults,” Sandro Bernasconi told reporters for 20 Minuten, a German-language, Swiss newspaper.

The story also was carried by English-language the Local, which explained the problem developed when a Chinese traveler stopped in at the Swiss resort, the Devil’s Place Whiskey Bar at the Waldhaus Hotel in St. Moritz, and asked about a very rare Macallans whiskey.

The bar had purchased an “1878”



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