Swing State Wants Felons To Get Right to Vote!

Voters in one of America’s biggest swing states, Florida, will be able to decide on this November’s ballot whether convicted felons will regain the right to vote.

The initiative would not include sex offenders or murderers.

Amendment 4 would return voting rights to 1.5 million felons in the state once they complete their sentences, including parole or probation. It would take 60 percent of voters in Florida approve the initiative.

An estimated 6.1 million American adults were not allowed to vote in the 2016 election because they had a felony conviction on their record. If Florida passes this initiative, many more could follow.

The Fourteenth Amendment allows each state to make its own rules when it comes to granting them the right to vote. In some states, ex-offenders are essentially barred from voting for life. Only two states let prisoners vote.

Of the states that currently bar any voting by



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