Stunning Revelations Coming Out of the VA In New USA Today Report

It has been revealed that healthcare providers having a revoked medical licenses can still be hired by the Veterans Administration hospitals. Isn’t that against all kinds of laws? How does the VA get away with this? What are the inherent dangers to the veterans who have faithfully served our country? 

This process has been going on for the past 15 years and the VA does not know how many healthcare providers they have hired fall into this categories. Have there been deaths of veterans because of inept staff? There are some case revealed by USA Today that seems to point that way. here are more details.

As Written and Reported By Kate Scanlon for The Blaze:

The Department of Veterans Affairs has illegally permitted its hospitals to repeatedly hire health care providers with revoked medical licenses since 2002, according to USA Today.

The report follows a USA Today investigation that revealed VA hospital officials knowingly hired



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