Stunning image shows Israel’s flag on Temple Mount

Image from Facebook

A stunning new image has been uncovered by a reporter in Israel showing Israel’s flag on the Temple Mount.

It’s rare, because the Temple Mount is supervised by the Islamic Waqf guards, under orders from the Islamic government in Jordan, which strictly forbids any Jewish faith presence there.

Not even praying is allowed.

In fact, while Muslims are allowed free run on the site, Jews and Christians are allowed to enter only as tourists.

It’s the hill where it is believed the first and second Jewish Temples were located.

Centuries later, Muslims took control and built their Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock there.

The Temple Mount is closed on Fridays and Saturdays and all Muslim holidays.

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz of Breaking Israel News reported the image of the Israeli flag is from a social media post made by Chinese tourists.

“The last time the Israeli flag



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