Study: Supremes lose at retirement roulette

U.S. Supreme Court in 2017 (Wikipedia)

A new study reveals that few Supreme Court justices end up with ideological compatriots as replacements, because of the way they time their retirements. In fact, sometimes they’re just unhappy with the results.

The study is called, “Do Justices Time Their Retirements Politically? An Empirical Analysis of the Timing and Outcomes of Supreme Court Retirements in the Modern Era.”

By Christine Kexel Chabot, of Loyola, its abstract explains, “As the rampant speculation over Justice [Anthony] Kennedy’s retirement plans makes clear, it is difficult to predict when justices will retire. Justices often defy the conventional wisdom that a justice is more likely to retire when the president and Senate share the justice’s ideology. For example, Justice Ginsburg chose to remain on the court rather than retire during President Obama’s terms. Her choice is not unusual. Since 1954, a majority of similarly situated justices refused



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