Study shows success in reversing chemical abortion process

Women who begin a chemically induced abortion but then have second thoughts now have hope of saving their unborn children thanks to a new study showing a great success rate in reversing the early effects of abortafacients through hormone treatments, a discovery that could save some 30,000 babies per year.

The treatments also appear to add no additional risk of birth defects.

In the latest edition of the journal “Issues in Law and Medicine,” Dr. George Delgado and his six colleagues published a study entitled “A Case Series Detailing the Successful Reversal of the Effects of Mifepristone Using Progesterone.”

Delgado teaches medicine at the University of California-San Diego and is also medical director at Culture of Life Family Services, a pro-life medical facility in southern California. He says the success of this study is great news for women.

“It’s empowering to them. It gives them a second choice and



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