Study: Mainstream Polls Used Nearly One-Third More Democrats Than Republicans

Mainstream political polls that were wrong about the 2016 presidential race still use a methodology favoring Democrats, women and younger voters to calculate President Donald Trump’s approval ratings, a new analysis contends.

The analysis, posted by Bombthrowers, charges the top polls oversample an average of 29 percent more Democrats than Republicans — chopping about 8 points off the president’s approval ratings, from 46 percent to 38 percent.

For example, Bombthrowers’s analyst James Simpson charged that a recent Economist survey on Trump’s approval rating used 58 percent more Democrats than Republicans.

“In every poll, Democrat respondents outnumbered Republicans by significant amounts,” Simpson wrote.

“The Economist poll was the worst. Only 24 percent of respondents (360) were Republicans compared to 38 percent (570) Democrats — which means that 58 percent more Democrats were polled than Republicans…

“On average, in these seven widely recognized national polls, only 29 percent (409 people) of the total 1,383



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