Study: Foil-wrapped chocolate eggs ‘bad for environment’

Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies are big in American celebrations of the holiday, just ask any kid under the age of 12.

And even though they have their origins in pagan observances and have nothing to do with the Bible’s story of Jesus’ resurrection, the cornerstone of the Christian faith, consumers likely pay little attention.

Now, however, there’s a new, really important, reason not to partake.


Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh explained the earth-shaking discovery.

“Wacko news, predictable. Easter Sunday, part and parcel of Easter is the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts and Easter candy, chocolate covered rabbits – well, no, no. Chocolate in the shape of rabbits, you know, the Easter bunny candy,” he said Friday.

“And we have a story now from an environmentalist wacko group at the University of Manchester in England warning everybody: ‘Beware the chocolate Easter bunny, and those foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. Both



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