Students Hate Quotes From Trump’s SOTU (Until Finding Out They’re Really Obama’s)

The day after President Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address (SOTU), Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform went to John Jay College in NYC to talk to students and find out what they thought about the speech by asking them to react to a few select quotations. Almost unanimously, the students found each of the quotes to be “warmongering”, “aggressive,” and “immature.” However, what they didn’t know until later was they were reacting to statements made by Barack Obama during HIS SOTU speeches.

Cabot Phillips: I have a few quotes here from the State of the Union I want to get your feedback first talking about Isis saying quote, “We need to call them what they are, killers and fanatics that have to be hunted down and destroyed.” What’s your thought on that well first.

Respondant:  Well first off Isis is fake.  It is something that government made up



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