Student wins in faceoff with prof over religion

It’s hardly a secret that much of academia is populated by agnostics, atheists and others who simply dislike Christianity. Just look at the case loads of the pro bono legal teams that protect students’ religious rights. Or see the popular movie series “God’s Not Dead,” which has another episode in the works.

It’s an intimidating culture for Christian students, and a new case profiled by the American Center for Law and Justice shows just how far some anti-Christian activists will go.

This time, it was a professor telling a student to shut up about his faith and then reporting the student for harassment, even though he complied with the order.

The names of the student and professor at an Oregon community college have been withheld.

The student submitted an essay on friendship in which he referred to the close friendship one might have as a Christian with Jesus.

But wait, responded the professor, not everyone believes in God.




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